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Wall stickers are furniture stickers as well

Watercolour plants sticker

Stickers for walls are a perfect option for anyone who would like to switch things up in their décor but also for people who… have something to hide. The high-quality decorative solution allows you to beautify anything, from a plain wall in your living room, to the empty space between kitchen cabinets, to the area above a baby’s crib. But they do more than just look good. Self-adhesive wall stickers are great for decorating furniture to make it look like new and conceal any dents or scratches. You can use the designs to revamp other smooth surfaces in exactly the same way. Simply cover up the worn out parts of your desk, the unappealing scratches on your laptop or that ugly stain on the hallway wall.

Stickers for walls but also cars, fridges and windows!

Stickers for walls come in many different shapes and sizes. You can choose a design that covers the entire decorated surface or just a small part of it. They are also a wonderful option for more than just walls. Make sure to check out our beautiful car and laptop stickers. Even a single sticker is enough to make them look fresh and new. Our wall decorations are made of the highest quality materials and are resistant to wear and harmful conditions, so you can be sure that they will continue looking great for many years. Wall decals are also an excellent choice for decorating kitchens. There are three distinct places where you can use them in this interior. First is the fridge. We can adjust the shapes of our stickers to fit unusual surfaces. You can therefore transform your typical white or grey refrigerator into a miniature work of art. Stained glass window stickers are a wonderful choice if your windows overlook neighbouring buildings. This solution will give you some privacy without the need to hang up curtains. Stickers for walls are additionally a quick and easy way to introduce subtle changes into your décor. If you put a decorative stripe in the space between the countertop and kitchen cabinets, you’ll be able to liven up the interior without a time-consuming renovation.

Animals sticker

Stickers for walls – quick, easy and satisfying decoration

Quick installation is one of the greatest advantages of decorative stickers. As long as your chosen sticker isn’t larger than you, you’ll easily be able to install it without extra help. You also don’t need to worry about any glue or paste, which can oftentimes stain furniture. Our modern wall decals are self-adhesive, so you just have to peel off the protective foil and press the sticker evenly to the decorated surface. It’s that simple! You’ll definitely spend more time selecting the design than actually installing it in your home. We are proud of the fact that our vast catalogue includes any motif you can possibly think of. We offer designs depicting beautiful landscapes, lush plants, wild animals, ethnic and folk patterns, three-dimensional compositions, classic and modern architecture, abstract geometric motifs and much, much more. No matter the style of our Customers’ interiors and the desired effect, we want to make sure that our offer of stickers for walls meets all their expectations. We hope that you will use our decorations to conjure up dazzling interiors, filled with originality and unique character!

Stunning decorative ideas using wall decals

The variety of available designs and sizes as well as the ease of installation make stickers the optimal type of decoration for any interior of the home. The solution allows you to design harmonious décors across various rooms, connected by motif or colour scheme. We definitely recommend choosing a broad theme for the entire project before you get to decorating. You can go for flowers, animals, folk motifs, architecture or any of the hundreds other themes you can think of. It all depends on your imagination and creativity. Whether you choose wall stickers for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or hallways, you can be sure that all your interiors will shine with a whole new style. You can even use the stickers to decorate bathrooms, since they’re resistant to humidity. And don’t forget all the amazing possibilities that come with furniture stickers. Creativity pays off! Every interior decorated with stickers will remain stylish and appealing for years to come.