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Wall paintings: from royal decorations to modern prints on canvas

Red abstraction canvas print

Back in the Middle Ages, kings and lords would often hire royal artists to produce breath-taking paintings. These were usually portraits, landscapes or still natures. The cost of such a painting was typically quite high and the final effect was difficult to predict. Nowadays, we have the convenience of ordering modern prints on canvas, which can be produced quickly and are much more affordable. The number of available designs and combinations would likely leave a medieval king speechless. Whether you’re looking to decorate a modern or traditional interior, a living room, bedroom or kitchen, our store has all the decorations you can dream of. What makes us so confident? We’ve put a lot of effort into selecting a wide variety of beautiful canvas print designs, while prioritising their style, originality and universal character.

Large canvas prints – modern decorations that offer countless possibilities

You may think that living room or bedroom prints for walls are just small and insignificant decorative accents. However, a well-selected print can truly turn your interior upside down in a good way! It all depends on the size and design of your painting. A modern three-dimensional print (featuring e.g. a surprising optical illusion) is a fantastic idea to decorate a minimalistic living roomIf you like to decorate your rooms sparingly and you believe that “less is more,” go for a single expressive accent. In this case, we recommend large canvas prints depicting original, ultramodern architecture. Simply find a design that you enjoy in our store and choose the option to print it in a large format. In a minimalistic space, this print will be very eye-catching and will set the tone for the rest of the décor. On the other hand, you can also follow the exact opposite decorative trend, which says “the more, the better.” A great idea for a spacious room is to use three or four modern prints on canvas with the same theme. Your personalised composition will transform the wall into a miniature art gallery. Popular themes include landscapes, flowers, vintage cars and futuristic 3D designs. You’ll quickly see how much your room can change thanks to spatial prints for walls. Nothing brings life to an interior like a modern design! 

New York map canvas print

Universal wall canvas – prints for any interior!

One of the greatest advantages of modern prints on canvas is their mobility. They can easily be hung, taken down or moved to a different place without tearing down half the wall in the process. If you choose a timeless, universal design for your bedroom canvas print, you can later use it to decorate the living room or kitchen. We wholeheartedly believe that one shouldn’t limit oneself by adhering to artificial rules when decorating. What counts the most are originality, creativity and the joy of decorating. If you’re looking for bedroom prints, you don’t necessarily have to use the clichéd subtle, romantic motifs. Prints for walls in this interior could just as well depict race cars, wild animals, ethnographic patterns or tasteful nudes – after all, you are the one to decide what type of décor makes you feel most comfortable. Regardless of the current decorative trends, you have the final say when it comes to decorating your space.

Prints for walls – a recipe for a quick interior makeover

If you’re always in a rush and have to juggle many responsibilities both at work and in your private life, redecorating your flat is probably the last thing you think about. However, it doesn’t take much to completely transform the look of an interior. You just need a minute to visit our online store and order kitchen prints for walls that will fill your every morning with an extra dose of optimism. We recommend canvas prints for walls with interesting quotes or motivational messages, which will give you a boost of energy, just like a cup of the finest espresso. And if you’re a real gourmet, you can decorate your kitchen with 3D prints depicting various tasty dishes, which will provide inspiration for new culinary experiments!