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Wall mural – a modern decoration

Pastel leaves wall mural

Wall murals are modern wall decorations that allow you to beautify your interiors quickly and without much effort. Depending on their theme, murals can be used to make a room more subtle, colourful, romantic or whimsical. The decoration will help you enhance the style of your space or highlight the charm of contrastive details. Modern wall murals come in countless designs and colour schemes, which is why they provide many wonderful backgrounds for both classic and minimalistic living rooms. Pastel landscapes work wonders in any romantic bedroom while an elegant floral mural can make your living room feel like a delightful garden. Vinyl wall murals can also be used to decorate other interiors, such as kitchens or bathrooms. The original designs are sure to make these spaces more appealing and expressive.

Murals as universal interior decorations

Ever since murals replaced wallpapers as the most popular type of wall decoration, our homes gained a lot of character. Modern technology allows you to incorporate any image or photograph into your living room décor. With these high definition decorations, you will be able to beautify the walls with your favourite pictures, landscapes or designs. What’s more, they just take a few minutes to install! Choose our custom size murals and we will make sure that the design you’ve selected is a perfect fit for your interior. The most recent trends show that people value the option to customise their personal spaces and our wall murals to size allow you to do just that.

Modern wall murals – custom decorations for kitchens and bathrooms

Custom size murals can make any space more appealing, including the interiors that are typically difficult to decorate, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Our collection features many universal designs that can be used to beautify both traditional kitchens and eclectic living rooms. The sheer number of available designs will make it easy to find a custom size mural that matches the unique style of your room. We have wall murals for those of you who appreciate elegance and classic design, fans of abstraction and geometry and anyone who likes to admire picturesque landscapes and natural beauty. At Myloview, we always strive to meet our customers’ expectations by creating collections of designs that feature many different styles and aesthetics.

Skyscrapers wall mural

Custom size murals: the devil is in the detail

As mentioned before, wall murals can be used to decorate modern and classic interiors regardless of their size, but it is also important to choose the right design based on its theme, colour scheme and format. There are many different options, such as expressive patterns, colourful compositions, graphic mosaics or artistic landscapes. You can, for instance, use a photographic details in a bedroom to match the colour scheme of an elegant bed, plain sheets or ornamental pillows. A well-chosen bedroom wall mural will facilitate rest and relaxation, especially if you go for a calm, natural motif. What’s more, it can also optically enlarge the interior. Murals with little, repeated patterns are great for both small and large walls but if you want to use a design with a single, expressive element, make sure that you have enough room to display it and let it breathe. With a custom size mural, you can transform your living room into any other space, be it real or imagined, and start every day with a smile.

Murals for the kitchen: a recipe for a quick makeover

Our collection features many vivid wall mural designs that can be used to decorate a kitchen. These scrumptious, colourful accents will make the interior feel much cosier. You can use a kitchen mural wallpaper to beautify an empty wall or install it around the furniture to highlight the style of your cabinets, table and chairs. Use a custom size mural that contrasts the furniture in colour to make it stand out even more. Some of the most popular designs for the kitchen include Moroccan tiles, colourful compositions of fruit or beautiful flower patterns. You’ll easily be able to find a design that matches the “heart of your home”.