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Large posters for walls as modern decorative solutions

Ballerina with flowers poster

Wall posters have recently gone through quite a metamorphosis. They used to be mostly associated with low-quality colourful photos of musicians and sportspeople, included with teen magazines in the 80s and 90s. These days, stylish posters beautify our living rooms, bedrooms and even restaurants. Thanks to high-quality materials and state-of-the-art HP Latex print technology, they resemble true works of art. We’re experiencing a renaissance of decorative posters and we have to admit – we’re very impressed!

Original wall posters that dazzle all

The time when posters were the domain of solely music stars and vintage car models is long gone. Modern posters can depict almost anything, from reproductions of famous paintings, to picturesque natural landscapes, to artistic photographs of dancers, reminiscent of the artworks by Edgar Degas. Other popular patterns include original mandalas, dream catchers and fashionable ethnic patterns. Due to the sheer number of designs available, everyone is guaranteed to find a wall poster that matches their unique interior, whether it’s minimalistic, industrial, colonial or classic.

Trendy framed posters – film decorations for cinema lovers

Both small and large film posters are a fantastic choice for decorating modern interiors. If you like vivid, expressive decorations, you can make your walls more interesting with wall posters from your favourite comedies, horrors or dramas instead of a patterned wallpaper. This way, you’ll gain a stylish decoration that also highlights your personality and interests. Whether you go for a frame from an independent feature or a box office hit, a wall poster with your favourite film characters can be a timeless decoration that will never get boring. Film posters can also be used to decorate a child’s room. In this case, we recommend posters inspired by animated features. Such a colourful decoration looks very appealing in a frame. And if the interior is quite spacious, you can even use two or three framed posters with colours that match the walls or furniture. In this case, there’s no limit to the array of colours and decorations you can use. After all, a child’s room is a space of joy and imagination!

Foggy forest poster

Custom typographic posters – our poster store is ready to meet all your expectations

Words can carry immense power – a good joke, a memorable aphorism or a guiding watchword can have great impact on one’s life. Custom typographic posters allow you to introduce into your décor a subtle, stylish element that serves a practical function as well. Those modern posters with quotes can be used in any interior of the home as well as other spaces, such as company offices or cafés. Wise words attributed to a Greek philosopher, a motivational aphorism or even a single powerful word will help you start your day with a positive attitude, drink your morning coffee with a smile on your face and get to work with an extra dose of energy.

Wall posters for more than just living rooms and bedrooms…

One very original idea is to use a typographic poster to decorate a classic bathroom. It’s an affordable recipe for making the space stand out more. Our wall posters with quotes come in many styles and colour schemes and you can also order custom size posters. You can go for a minimalistic black font on white background, colourful handwriting that looks classy even by itself or perhaps a message with a patterned or photographic background. If you wish, we can also print the wall poster design of your choice to size, so that it fits perfectly in your kitchen, bathroom or hallway.